Behind the icon help button you will find 4 possibilities for help.

  1. “Direct contact”
    Below you can quickly find the people who can provide you with help.
  2. “Information home care organization”
    Here you will find all the information about your home care organization.
  3. “Play welcome movie again”
    Here you can replay the welcome video explaining the different functions of the Memory Lane CareScreen.
  4. “Memory Lane Information”
  5. Under this button, you will find a lot of information to adjust the settings of the CareScreen, among other things. To know:
    1. Change network
    2. QR Code Scanning. Here you can call up the QR code that can be scanned by the Memory Lane app to connect the CareScreen to the app.
    3. The serial number of the care display. This number is important in your contact with our support department.
    4. Adjust volume. Here you can adjust the volume of your CareScreen.
      Set Sleep Mode. You can specify when the display goes into sleep mode and turns back on.
    5. Privacy statement. Here you can reread the privacy statement.
    6. Adjust display brightness. Here you can adjust the brightness of the screen.
    7. Battery status. The battery status indicates the percentage of battery charge.
    8. Restart. With this button you can restart the CareScreen.