The smart schedule

Are your parents on any medications? Do they have a doctor’s appointment? Write it down in the schedule, and the CareScreen will automatically remind them. Determine the activity, make a short description, add a photo and choose the time and date. You can arrange it all via the app on your own phone.

Direct assistance

Has something happened, and do your parents need help immediately? With the CareScreen, they will contact you, your family members, or even the care provider if the care institution is connected to Memory Lane.

Keep your parents moving

The CareScreen offers numerous videos with exercises specially designed to keep seniors fit and in shape.
Keep moving. You or a caregiver can put together a tailor-made program. Place the program in the schedule, and your parents will automatically receive an on-screen reminder to do the exercise. With one click, they start the movie, and they can imitate the example.

Keep each other informed

Family members, informal carers, and home care workers, for example, can place short messages in the logbook to keep each other informed if something is wrong.

Easy video calling

When your parents want to call you, they just tap on your picture in the phone menu. It couldn’t be simpler – and they never have to remember or write down phone numbers. If you want to call your parents, you can do that too. Just use the app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Send postcards

On holiday? A birthday or other fun event? Take a picture on your mobile, add a text, and your parents get a beautiful postcard directly on their screen.

Radio and TV of the past

Set your parents’ favorite music channel from your app. With one click, they can listen to it. And with the same ease, they can watch old TV. From Zeg ‘ns Aaa to Swiebertje. Bring back old memories in a few easy steps.

Create photo albums

Send a photo via the app on your mobile, just like you do with WhatsApp, for example. The photo appears directly on the CareScreen of your parents.