Memory Lane Introduction Tips

Photo album

Fill the photo album with valuable memories for the Memory Lane user. The goal is to create a kind of ‘book of life’. These memories contribute to the preservation of moments like this. It is also possible to create your own themes to make the photos easier to find.


Send a postcard every now and then! Don’t forget to set a comment option. The Memory Lane user can then respond to the postcard with it.

Calendar photo?

Use the photo upload function to make agenda items clearer and more recognizable. This helps enormously in meeting these agenda items. Think of a photo of the person who has their birthday (often works better than just a name). Taking out the trash? Take a picture of the garbage can that clearly shows the location, sometimes seniors forget where the garbage can was.

Inviting more users

You can easily add family and friends to the ‘circle’ around your dear Memory Lane user with the Memory Lane app. Open the Memory Lane app and log in, go to Memory Lane and then choose Relation management. Follow the instructions. Attention! An invitation only valid for 5 minutes.
If you are going to e-mail an invitation, you can, but the invitation is only valid for the e-mail address to which you send the invitation. We are currently working on an update where these restrictions no longer apply.

Video Calling

Before making video calls, you must choose from 3 quality settings (1 star to 3 stars). We recommend starting with 3 stars (highest quality). If this does not work well, choose 2 stars. The 1 star option is only audio (no video), this is intended to be able to have contact even with a bad connection.
During the video call you can change the sound volume on the side of the Memory Lane. It often happens that the sound has been turned down, so that you may not be able to hear that the Memory Lane is being called, or the volume is too low during a video call.


Sometimes the sound from the Memory Lane is not sufficient, it is therefore possible to connect a Bluetooth speaker to Memory Lane in the Help menu. Please note that some Bluetooth speakers go into sleep mode to save power.
We hope to give you a better idea of the many possibilities of Memory Lane.
Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to email us at: Or contact us via ourĀ  contact page.
Kind regards,
the Memory Lane team

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