Photo album

A memory from long ago? Or baby pictures of the grandchildren? View favorite photos in the Memory Lane photo album! With the free app, photos can easily be added to different albums so that they appear on the linked ZorgScherm.


A new theme can be added with this button.

When creating a new theme, an icon can be chosen for it. After that, new photos can be added to this new theme.

If a new photo is added, it can be taken with the camera or selected from the mobile’s existing photo album.

Photo rotated incorrectly? No problem. Press the rotate button to reorient the photo.

Each photo also has a date that can be changed. This is perfect for pictures from the old days. This way the photos are sorted correctly when they appear on the Memory Lane Care Screen.

Descriptions can be added as well. This can be useful as a reminder and if there are people in the photo.

If you press save, the photo will appear on the CareScreen in the specified album and theme.

Existing photos can also be edited later. The same options of the creation will be available again.

With this button a photo can also be moved to another album.


The photo album is not the only photo feature in Memory Lane. It is also possible to send postcards. These postcards then appear on the CareScreen after sending.

When creating a postcard, a nice message can be added as well.

There is also an option for simple responses. The CareScreen user can then choose these reactions, which are then passed on to the app users.

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