Easy Video Calling

Easy video calling with your (grand)parents!

Want to catch up with family? Or direct contact with a caregiver? The Memory Lane video calling feature provides an easy way to video call family and caregivers.

The video call menu has a list of contact persons from the care circle of the CareScreen user. These can be called at the push of a button. This makes it clear and accessible for the CareScreen user. Perfect for those who struggle with technology.

This care circle can also be managed with the free Memory Lane mobile app. New app users can easily be added as a contact person for the CareScreen user. Both the CareScreen or other users in the care circle with the app can be called here.


Various things can also be set during calls. Here we see a number of buttons that can change certain settings on the app and on the CareScreen.

The quality of the connection during the conversation can also be seen here in these asterisks. The more stars that can be seen, the better the connection. The maximum is 5 stars.

This button turns the microphone on and off.

The camera can also be turned on and off with this button.

With this, the camera image of the CareScreen on the app can be made larger or smaller.

With this button the conversation can be hung up and both the app and the CareScreen go back to their main screens.

This button toggles the camera between the front and back cameras of the device.

For additional options, you can press this button at the top right.

In this window with extra options, the volume of the microphone can be adjusted. The volume on the CareScreen that you use to make calls can also be adjusted here. This is convenient because sometimes your interlocutor may be unable to do this.

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