1. Wifi
    Follow our step-by-step plan when using the Memory Lane CareScreen for the first time. This step-by-step plan is shown when you start up the CareScreen for the first time. Below you will find the different steps that will be followed to connect to your wifi network.
  2. Change Wi-Fi network.
    If you want to change networks, you can do this by pressing the help button on the CareScreen and choosing < em>“Memory Lane information.” In the top right corner, you will find the button < em>“change network.” Press this button, select your network, enter your password and wait until you are connected to the network. Then press “continue”
  3. Restart CareScreen.
    You can restart the CareScreen by pressing the “help” button and then choosing “Memory Lane information”. At the bottom right of the screen you will find the “restart” button. Pressing this will restart the CareScreen.