Press the “agenda” icon. In the next screen you will see the activities already entered.
At the bottom of the screen you will find “create activity” In the “new activity” screen you can add a new activity.

  • Press on the heading “doctor”. You will then get a menu of the different activities. Select the desired activity.
  • Press on the picture if you want to upload another picture. For example of the medication to be taken.
  • Under description you can indicate the action to be taken.
  • Fill in a start date.

Fill in a start and an end time.

  • Indicate whether it is a one-time calendar activity or a daily, weekly, or monthly activity.
  • Specify the amount of time in advance that a reminder should be displayed of the calendar item on the screen saver.
  • After filling in all the data, press save. The event is saved and will be shown in the calendar overview.